How to Clone Partition to Another Hard Drive in Windows 8 Safely

In order to prevent your data loss from system crash or some other accidental  computer issues, cloning or lets you create an exact copy of one partition to another partition or hard drive to safe your computer files and installed programs. Especially when one of  one of the partitions, especially system drive in your Windows 8 is low disk space, you can buy a new hard drive and upgrade your partitions in Windows 8.

Cloning Windows 8 partition not only protect your files but also let your hard drive have enough space so that it response quicker. So below shows detail guide on how to .

How to clone Windows 8 partition?

First you need to find a program which offer“Copy Partition” feature partition, allowing you to clone partition in Windows 8 safely and easily. Here we take the Clone Genius  WinSuite 2012 uses the secure and reliable technique to backup your operating system and hard disk contents onto another new hard drive or partition. what’s more, it also have functions like backup and restore files, folders, partitions or disk, etc.

The following is a step-by-step tutorial on cloning system partition with Winsuite 2012.

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After installing the program on your computer, run it and enter the “Disk Management” menu, where you can get the Clone Genius. Then choose “Clone One Partition” to move on as follow screenshot shows.


Then follow the below steps to perform your cloning partition or hard drive.

Step 1: Select a source partition

Choose the source partition from the list you want to clone. Here we select to copy Local Disk (E:), and click “Next”.


Step 2: Select a destination partition

Then choose the destination partition you want to backup the partition onto the same or another disk, and click “Next”. If you want to clone the partition to another disk, select it from the drop-down list on the Step1.


Step 3: Clone your partition or Hard Drive Now

The program will now popup an attention to remind you that all the data in the selected target partition will be overwritten. If you confirm to clone, Click “Yes”, and it begin to copy partition.



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