How to Fix “Bootmgr Is Missing” in Windows 7

This is a common thing you may meet during your life with Windows: One day you boot up the windows and see “Bootmgr is Missing” message appeared, just remember, it’s very common and no panic when facing this as there are many ways can help you solve the problems.


It’s an error that’s caused by a failing hard drive or possibly a malware infection. To fix that problem you need to reboot your computer and repair it before Windows 7 starts.  Let’s see the following tips.

Tip 1: Use Windows 7 install CD

1. First open your anti-virus software program and run a full scan on your computer. Delete all quarantined and infected files when the scan is complete.

2. Then insert your Windows 7 Install CD into your computer’s CD/DVD-ROM drive and restart the computer.

3. Press the “R” button on your keyboard when the screen says “Welcome to Setup.” Then type in the admin password when prompted. Press “1” and then “Enter” to open the command prompt.

4. Type “fixboot” into the command prompt.Press “Y” when a pop-up box appears, asking you for confirmation.

5. Restart your computer and you will enter your computer normally without any error appear.

2. Make a bootable Windows 7 Disk

If you don’t have an Windows 7 install cd or you can’t find, just no problem, there still ways for you. One of an easy way is to make a bootable Windows 7 disk by yourself.

1. Log in other normal computer and download  liveboot CD 2012  software, then install it, insert an empty USB to the computer, run the program and make a bootable windows 7 disk with the software.

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2. Insert the USB Windows 7 bootdisk to your computer, and restart it. See the screenshot below of how to boot your computer using the USB.



3. Once you see the  LiveBoot screen, go to Boot Crash Solution panel and follow the on-screen instructions to fix the “BOOTMGR is missing” error. Besides BOOTMGR errors, you can fix corrupt Master Boot Record (MBR), corrupt Hard Disk Partition Table (DPT), corrupt Partition Bad Sectors and many other errors.

Now you can solve “Bootmgr Is Missing” in Windows 7 by yourself, it is easy and only need you have a bootable disk. And with Liveboot 2012, you can quickly and safely rectify this and most other problems that a PC can experience.

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