How to Fix Rundll Error on Windows Startup

Facing annoying RUNDLL error message on startup on your Windows 7? So how to fix or repair it? No panic, you will learn more below.

What is a rundll error?

Aundll.exe files are systems process directly related to the Windows Registry.  All Dll files contains code and data and help to produce speed the computer and memory efficiency in your operating system by reusing the same code or file to run many functions by various programs.


Why does this happen?

A rundll32.exe error in Windows is offen occurs when a computer has been infected with malware or a virus. Rundll32.exe is a legitimate Windows system process and should never be deleted. If you are able to boot into Windows but receive a rundll32.exe error at startup, you should clean the and fix most rundll32.exe errors.

How to Fix Rundll Error

Now you have learn what is Rundll Error and why does this happen. So now let’s focus on how to fix this problem. This only works that you can boot up your computer.

1. Start Windows and then press F8 to Safe Mode. when the “Windows Advanced Options” menu appears, select “Safe Mode No Networking” and press “Enter.”

2.Run any antivirus software you have installed on your computer, then scan and delete any viruses or spyware your software detected.

3. When finish, reboot the computer. IF the rundll32.exe problem still there, you must perform a Windows Repair Installation or get a Liveboot 2012 to help you solve the problem directly.

4. Repair Windows directly if you have Windows CD install cd, press any key on the keyboard to boot from the CD.

5. Wait for the “Welcome to Setup” screen, which contains a list of options. Press “Enter” to select “Setup Windows7”.

6. Select the Windows installation you want to repair from the list (C:\WINDOWS “Microsoft Windows …”). Press “R” to enter repair mode and “F8” to accept the Microsoft licensing agreement.

7. Then your computer will reinstall the operating system, including the corrupt rundll32.exe file. Your data and other files will not be affected now

8. If you have not Windows install  cd, run the PC repair software and make a bootable disk manually, and then repair your computer with the program, it can help you fix nearly all windows problems like registry repair or slowly pc etc.

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