How to speed up Windows 8

You can remember the time when you first got your Windows 8 based laptop, you are so crazy and then begin play the games you like on that laptop for all days. But now, just after a few mouths , your windows 8 become slower that it used to be.


So you begin to search on the net for how to fix your slowly computer. Well, then you may come to the right place, this site is all about speeding up your computer from different ways, you can read the previous post about how to fix a slow computer. In this post, I will show you how to 8 as your request. Simply read and follow the steps below.


Windows 8 Speed Up Tutorial


1. Lower the number of programs that automatically start. Do this the Start Menu. Type msconfig in the search box and then the Enter key. This allows you access to the Windows 8 Startup Manager


Select the Boot option. A software list starts after each Windows 8 boot. You can enable and disable the programs of your choice. Disable the ones you don’t need to run daily. The more programs you have cued to start automatically the longer it will take your system to boot.


2. Opt to use multiple partitions. Divide your computer’s hard drive into at minimum 4 partitions.  C Drive should be used for Windows 8 installations and operations only. You can install other softwares into the next partition. The other partitions are for things like documents and entertainment items like games. use more partitions instead of one. You can always resize your Windows 8 partitions if you need to.  You don’t want to place large amounts on files on the hard drive because it slows the ability of your computer to find them. It will slow the speed of the Windows 8 and possibly result in data loss if your Windows 8 crash.


3. To save some hardware space make sure you don’t overload your laptop with too many gadgets. The cleaner your desktop, the better.

Here are a few more steps you can use to speed up Windows 8. Use the proper tools to do the following steps.

1.Use the built-in Windows 8 Defragmention tool to optimize hardware in Windows 8. In most cases, hard drive defragmentation will increase Windows 8 speed.Right Click Partition to be Defragmented then select Properties. Choose Tools (Defrag Tool is on the top tab).

2. Make sure you do not have any viruses on your computer. A god anti-virus program is necessary for any computer. It will keep your Windows 8 system clean, protect personal information and more. You’ll find there are many kinds of viruses and spyware online. if you do not have proper computer protection you are leaving all your information open for attack. There are plenty of anti-virus programs online. Always opt for a paid client over a free one. They offer way more protection for Windows 8.

3.  Use the best Windows 8 Registry Cleaner. It’s best to clean your system often to stop the negative files from accumulating and causing problems. The better the registry cleaner the less clogged your registry will be.  The Windows 8 registry is the key of Windows 8.

4. Clean out your junk files. You don’t need these files to take up unnecessary space. Optimizing your computer system involves getting rid of data that is no longer useful to conserve on how much space is consumed in storage.

If you would like to find out what’s wrong with your slowly windows 8 based laptop, just try free scan your laptop below, and then try to fix them all. I’m sure you will have a new laptop again.

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